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Here is the Kaur Wills Press release about the launch of the new will writing service in Bristol

Kaur Wills Bristol Announces Launch of Will Writing Service
April 30, 2019

Kaur Wills is pleased to announce the launch of their new will writing service in Bristol. Kaur Wills is a bespoke will writing and estate planning service for successful business owners and high net worth individuals who wish to protect their wealth and estate against unnecessary taxation and loss. Their team of highly qualified solicitors has many years of experience at the highest levels of the profession. Their website can be found here: Will Writing Bristol.

“We know the law,” says Kaur Wills. “Our lawyers have decades of high-level experience. We've worked for London City firms and PLCs, and we've also been a caring presence safeguarding the interests of vulnerable people at the end of their life. We're here to protect you and your family—and we care.” Kaur Wills understands their clients’ desire to keep all their assets secure given that they have worked hard to build their homes and amass their wealth. It is reasonable for them to want to ensure that, when they pass on, it goes to their loved ones instead of the tax collector. “We help you to lock it down for your loved ones,” says the firm.

Kaur Wills is also keenly aware of the need for transparency in their services. While their attorneys may, through years of experience and training, have learned to understand the complex jargon often associated with legal documents, their clients often do not. “We go out of our way to make sure you understand all your options and how things work,” the firm states. They go so far as to include explanations of all the finished paperwork to ensure that their clients understand every aspect of the process.

As many people consider their home to be their most valuable asset, Kaur Wills strives to ensure that their clients never have to face any threats to the security of their home. The passing of the owner of a home can, if their family is unprepared, open up several avenues of attack for those looking to benefit from this unfortunate situation. Kaur Wills ensures that this does not happen, stating, “There are a number of things that can attack the security of your ‘castle,’ be it big or small. We're here to repel and shield you from them.” Clients may look up the firm here: Will Writing Bristol.

Kaur Wills is not known for being a cheap service, but the cost of their services reflects the quality it delivers. The firm believes that it is always best to do the job right the first time, and their attention to detail and commitment to providing the best service possible illustrates this. While slightly more costly, Kaur Wills’ services are also extremely cost effective. The company offers a five star service, and has received a number of positive reviews from clients.

“I first asked Kaur Legal to advise on preparation of my will and LPA,” says Peter Roper from Surrey. “This was handled quickly and efficiently, and I subsequently asked them to advise on my Company Articles of Association and Shares, which involved drawing up new Articles and a Shareholder Agreement. I strongly recommend this Company and the principal, Harvinder Kaur.”

Another review from Damian Williamson states, “In respect of your services in what I believe was not the easiest of situations, please accept my sincere thanks for all that Harvinder did in a most professional manner in some very challenging circumstances. Suffice to say that if I require legal advice in the future, you will be my first point of contact.”

For will writing in Bristol, contact Harvinder Kaur of Kaur Wills. Their professional attitude and commitment to providing the highest quality of service ensures that any client that walks through their doors leaves satisfied and secure in the knowledge that their assets will remain safe even after their passing. The firm also emphasises making the entire process as hassle-free as possible.

“Making your will should not be a daunting ordeal,” says the firm. “Some of our clients come to us with a preconceived idea that making a will is a painfully slow process requiring lots of meetings and paperwork. That may be the case with some legal firms but, at Kaur Wills, we want to make the process as simple and efficient for our clients as possible. We want to be the pain free will writing service in Bristol and a model for other will writing service providers.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Create Trusts that can help preserve prosperity for long run generations, guard towards household care costs or assist susceptible or disabled beneficiaries.

So, the true threat in not building a Will would be that the intestacy guidelines will bring on an end result that differs to the 1 you would've appreciated. One example is, if you live using a spouse You aren't married to, they will normally haven't any ideal to inherit underneath the rules of intestacy.

Producing a Will ensures that after you die, your estate is addressed Based on your wishes. With efficient scheduling, a Will could also make certain your loved ones can also be provided for in the tax-effective way.

You almost certainly realize that if you don’t Possess check here a will in order that your wishes are completed after you die, the regulation may possibly assign your estate in a means you might not want.

We make Will writing quick and offer you fixed Value Will writing services together with totally free, safe storage.

It is possible to decide to go away both cash or perhaps a share of the estate to charities or other organisations. In a natural way our online will writing service allows you to appoint guardians to obtain parental duty for your dependants. All in all working with our on-line will writing Software is a good suggestion that will bring about correct satisfaction to suit your needs.

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Many individuals misunderstand how inheritance works and don’t realise, by way of example, that a spouse you are not married to has no computerized lawful entitlement to inherit, even When you have lived collectively For some time.

Drafting your will would not just take long, and with our on the net will maker, most folks have a fully authorized comprehensive will inside ten minutes of setting up it. You will be pleasantly shocked just how tiny it will cost you far too.

A member of the family who is neglected of the Will, as an example, could possibly raise an argument that force had been put on the individual making the Will to go away property to Many others. provides an essay writing service and presents quite a few customizations . This service might be accessed around the clock, yr round - 24 several hours daily, 7 times per week. Customers can sense assurance that papers are published from scratch and therefore are a hundred% authentic.

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We offer fixed-rate Wills for uncomplicated estates and also a competitive hourly amount for more intricate and large value estates. You should Look into our pricing info to find out additional.

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